• Welcome To The World Of The Snotty Nosed Kids

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The Snotty Nosed Kids Hardbacks

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Welcome To The World Of The Snotty Nosed Kids

Here is where you will find everything that is Snotty Nosed Kids! From information regarding how to purchase the hardback copies of the four part book series to merchandise and apparel baring The Snotty Nosed Kids Trademark Brand.

The Snotty Nosed Kids Four Book Hardback Collection

Welcome to The World of The Snotty Nosed Kids

SNK Rocks LLC is the name of the Company as well as the Brand. SNK Rocks also stands for Snotty Nosed Kids Rocks! It is the feel good mentality which we are committed to infusing into todays children. Kids who may be singled out on account of them feeling alienated or depressed or bullied. We have created a platform by way of our Story Books which are nursery rhyme formatted. And it extends all the way down to the brightly and colorfully designed graphics on our apparel and merchandise. Change the narrative and you change the world. Go Snotty Nosed Kids Go!