The Snotty Nosed Kids Children's Book Series Hardbacks

This is the wildly popular children's series by Maurice Todd. The four book series begins with The Snotty Nosed Kids. Here you are first introduced to Carly Benji and Owen. Three orphans who rally around their Grandma Madame Estelle Walker. The second book is titled The Snotty Nosed Kids and The Secret of The Lily. It's here that three Walker children are told that they would be sharing their home with other children who have also lost their parents to Covid. The series moves on to Book Three titled The Snotty Nosed Kids and The Flight of The Magical Pajamas. The Tuck Kids have arrived and they introduce themselves to the Walker Kids. And finally there is the fourth book in the series The Snotty Nosed Kids and The Hidden Isle of Sepalo and this is where the journey to the island of make believe begins.